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Which Is The Best Ad Network For Publishers?


There is no open auction, which skills that the yield from ad networks is a lot extra predictable and often now not quite as high. Still, whilst many ad networks fell out of choice with publishers during the upward push of programmatic, those that specialized in particular advert types persevered to thrive.

Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2022

There are tons of advert networks, but solely a few truly upward thrust to the top. Here are 10 of the best advert networks around today:

1. Google AdSense

No listing of top advert networks would be complete except Google ads at the top. Google AdSense is, of course, a good deal more than simply an ad network, however, it is usually the No. 1 way publishers get advert inventory on their sites. One available feature if you are considering AdSense is a salary estimator that shows you what you stand to achieve by including AdSense to your stack.

Publisher Benefits:

Google tends to stay on the reducing edge of the industries in which it operates, and that has led to AdSense turning into one of the largest networks connecting advertisers and publishers in the world. Google monitors every ad, lets in for significant customization capabilities, and simplifies the implementation method to no more than including a couple of lines of code to your site.

Google AdSense Reviews:

AdSense is one of the best-known and most famous ad networks on the market today, and it really is reflected in its reviews. The community had 4 stars on Capterra, 4.2 stars on G2, and an 8.6 out of 10 on TrustRadius at the time of publication.

2. AdUp Technology

AdUp Technology specializes in native ads. With its accessible ad introduction tools, publishers can quickly graph ad gadgets and layouts that are perfectly custom-made and compatible with simply about any device.

Publisher Benefits:

AdUp Technology is among the greater publisher-centric ad networks on the market today. The community bases CPMs on the maximum CPC bids mixed with click probability, and it lets a truthful amount of this manner run in an automated trend without interference. The end result is likely an extra publisher-friendly experience than what you would possibly find at different ad networks.

AdUp Technology Reviews:
Although AdUp is a pretty prominent advert network, it lacked online evaluations at the time of publication. The tool had no opinions and unclaimed listings on Capterra, G2, and TrustRadius. On TrustPilot, AdUp had a single review that left it with 3.2 out of 5 stars.

3. AdRoll

Specializing in eCommerce brands, AdRoll does a lot of marketing-related duties for brands that prefer to sell greater products. On the publisher side, AdRoll does one issue really well: join you with advertisers hungry for each and each targeted advert impression that is primed to flip into sales.

Publisher Benefits:

The primary advantage of AdRoll to publishers is scale. This ad community attracts premium manufacturers – who pay premium fees for your inventory – with the aid of using automation and big data libraries to join with 70% of shoppers and generate greater than 1 billion ad placement suggestions every day.

AdRoll Reviews:

With four out of 5 stars on Capterra, 3.9 stars on G2, and 8.3 out of 10 on TrustRadius, AdRoll is generally popular with its users. Positive reviewers tended to reward AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities and a low technical barrier to entry. On the terrible side, some users stated the interface was perplexing and sometimes slow.

With no minimal traffic necessities and a wide range of ad layout choices, Adsterra is a solid advert network for publishers who prefer to monetize their traffic however haven’t pretty reached multiple hundreds of visitors per month.

Publisher Benefits:

Adsterra guarantees a 100% fill rate, which units this network aside from the vast majority of others. The platform additionally supports an extensive range of charge methods and starts Offevolved payouts at $5.

Adsterra Reviews:

Also, Adsterra hadn’t commanded a ton of online critiques at the time of publication, but it did have a surprising 4.7 stars on G2 and a more middling 3.7 stars on Trustpilot. Praise for Adsterra was founded on strong CPMs and transparency, whilst criticism was about desiring a lot of traffic for the device to be effective and viable technical glitches.

5. Dianomi

If you’re a writer in the finance or fintech space, Dianomi may be an awesome ad community to try out. The community specializes in direct-sold native ad campaigns for monetary advertisers.

Publisher Benefits:
On top of its native ad-focused network. Dianomi accommodates direct-sold performance advert campaigns that stand the chance of growing publishers’ revenue. The tool additionally markets itself to advertisers as having relationships with premium publishers, so if you get into this network, you can also get some more cred at the back of that premium photo you’re attempting to promote.

Dianomi Reviews:

The only high-profile software program that reviews internet sites where Dianomi had any actual presence was G2. There, the device had 4.1 out of 5 stars. Reviewers tended to like the tool’s native ad codecs and commitment to manufacturer safety, but they didn’t like what they called a “fragmented and archaic dashboard.”

6. Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Server does cross-channel commercial enterprise advertising, and unlike many advert networks, it brings programmatic buying and promoting tools into the mix. While this advert network can be a robust choice for many publishers, its offerings like white label ad servers and DSPs cater closely to agencies.

Publisher Benefits:

This tool presents advanced real-time analytics that can be beneficial to enterprise-level and entry-level publishers alike. Epom Ad Server is also closely investing in developing new and modern ad unit types, which can frequently lead to higher CPMs for the publishers who use them.

Epom Ad Server Reviews:

Epom Ad Server may additionally be one of the highest-rated ad networks on the internet. As of the time of publication, it had 4.5 stars on Capterra, a best 10 on TrustRadius, 4.4 stars on G2, and 3.9 stars on Trustpilot. Reviewers were in desire of the tool’s real-time analytics capabilities and a Beneficiant free trial, but they tended no longer to like the user interface or lack of integrations with different tools.

7. GroundTruth

GroundTruth’s area of the center of attention is location-based ads. For some publishers, this specialization may be a brilliant fit for their audiences and income goals. The platform also presents self-serve ad campaigns.

Publisher Benefits:

If you are a publisher who is particular to a particular city, state, or region, you may also find a lot of possibilities in GroundTruth’s location-based ad network. The device has filled its internet site with case studies that exhibit how effective its offerings are for brands, which could be an oblique benefit to publishers who are searching to interface with bigger and higher-paying brands.

GroundTruth Reviews:

Capterra reviewers gave GroundTruth 4.6 stars, whilst G2 reviewers went somewhat decreased at 4 stars. The largest positives of GroundTruth appeared to be an easy-to-use interface and complete tutorials. Meanwhile, the biggest negatives are regarded to be occasional bugs and lackluster direct customer support.

8. Infolinks

The advert network Infolinks specializes in contextual advert targeting to assist advertisers to reach the proper eyeballs. However, the platform also gives exclusive placements to more than 25,000 publishers.

Publisher Benefits:

Infolinks works with extra than 350,000 websites around the world and generates over 1.5 billion ad views per month, so its key gain to both publishers and advertisers is surely scaled. By using contextual hyperlinks to create ads, Infolinks claims to target users’ intent greater directly, leading to higher engagement and an overall much less invasive experience for the end-user.

Infolinks Reviews:

With 3.3 stars on G2 and 3.2 stars on Trustpilot, Infolinks was once firmly in the middle of the pack when it got here to reviews of pinnacle ad networks. On the plus side, reviewers cited Infolinks being welcoming to all publishers, even those who may not have been permitted for Google AdSense. On the negative side, reviewers stated the tool generated quite low revenue for them.


Capitalizing on Yahoo! Bing’s vast contextual reach, connects publishers with local and countrywide advertisers all over the place. The network additionally offers native and show ads and has no minimum traffic requirements.

Publisher Benefits: is an advert network that can develop with publishers, offering the incredibly entry-level contextual ad provider but graduating all the way to full-on programmatic offerings. The wide demand and wide range of options have attracted main publishers like Reuters, Forbes, WebMD, and CNN. Reviews:

Reviews of varied widely, with customers giving the tool four stars on G2 and 2.6 stars on Trustpilot. Negatives centered on confined payout options and restricted ad formats, whilst positives were in general about ease of use and effectiveness as an AdSense alternative for opening publishers.

10. Plista

Plista goes heavy on data to lead the way in native advertising. Publishers who use this advert network will combine a content advice field that drives impressions for focused content and native ads.

Publisher Benefits:

Plista is a developing ad community that has already expanded its attain to 11 countries, 12,000 publishers and 60 million users. Perhaps one of the largest benefits of the tool’s fantastically small scale at the moment is that publishers get committed experts who can associate with them to help them develop their revenue from the network.

Plista Reviews:

Reviews of Plista had been hard to come by means of at the time of publication. The only platform that had critiques of this tool was once G2, where it had four out of 5 stars. Lack of customization and problems with the tool’s dashboard has been the chief complaints in the few available reviews. On the fine side, reviewers liked Plista’s supply of multiple native ad formats.

11. PopAds

Pop-under advert networks sometimes get an awful reputation, but PopAds is regarded as being one of the high-quality choices in this ad space. The community offers countless other benefits to publishers, such as immediate repayments on request, no minimum site visitors requirements, and easily management of minimum bids for pop-under ads.

Publisher Benefits:

PopAds claims that its common CPMs have never dipped beneath $4, and while this is not a hugely wonderful CPM, it does show the steadiness of the tool’s demand and its probably steady quality. The tool additionally boasts relationships with advertisers from more than forty countries.

PopAds Reviews:

More than 150 PopAds customers gave the tool 4.6 stars on Trustpilot, whilst fewer G2 reviewers were simply as thrilled and left the device with 4.2 stars. Review authors tended to like PopAds’ user-focused on abilities and noticeably simple interface. But in some cases, they disliked the aggressiveness of the tool’s advert placements and some potential protection issues.

Want to Work with the Best Ad Networks? Work with Playwire

Publishers need to work with a pleasant monetization partner when they’re attempting to grow their marketing revenue. So, it follows that you would want to work with satisfactory ad networks if you are considering that route as a substitute of programmatic advertising.

But really, it boils down to what is going to give you the absolute best revenue. While ad networks can grant steady and big revenue for some publishers, there is no reason to ignore programmatic options in 2022 – particularly when partners like Playwire are there to do it all for you and continuously focus on how to force your revenue higher.

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