ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest] Free Download


ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest] can be downloaded free from here. This is an exceptionally developed version of Screenhunter with all the equipment you need to create screenshots.

Overview Of ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest]

It gives the perfect building solution to store time and increase productivity. Screenhunter Pro 7 Portable helps with self-portraits, custom photos, more desirable effects, webcams and video screens from 10KPS to 8KPS, and the working hours of personal connections.

Saving time and increasing productiveness is the solution for the entire building. Auto-read, self-recognition, webcam, and video view Repeat what you see as a photo whilst shooting.

It is easy to use. All aspects are displayed in 4 ordinary icons so that all beginners and specialists can use Screenhunter. The process is simple, the alternatives are easy and the outcomes are endless.

With Screenhunter Pro, you can quickly see the advantages of time-saving features and provide high-quality photos. This is a device that allows you to take photos from various sources, such as your computer or webcam. In addition, it provides an uncomplicated interface and is not without problems configured for shared images. Powerful and smart Screenhunter Pro has tested itself as a key business partner. You Can Also Get ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest] Free Download

Features Of ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest]:

  • Rectangular space
  • Also, Flexible rectangle lock, constant size, and so ratio
  • Item / window / menu
  • Automated navigation and so long internet pages
  • Take a picture with a webcam and so scan it
  • All in all, there are many things
  • Text
  • Active window
  • So the default vicinity (user-defined)
  • Delete window (lock window)
  • So the screen is full
  • DOS program
  • Also, Game Saver / DirectX / Screen
  • Movies/video clips
  • Freehands
  • Shapes, ellipses, circles, and so rectangles
  • In addition, Create a website


  • Mouse pointer
  • Lots of equipment
  • Invisible windows

Timing Features:

  • Delayed capture
  • Automatic download
  • Photo schedule
  • Repair

Increase productivity:

  • Name (date / time stamp, comment)
  • Filigree
  • Heaps and shadows
  • Independent table
  • Color effects

ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest]

Security service:

  • Write in PDF format
  • It is mechanically saved in the name file
  • Also, the Temporary concept
  • Send e-mail automatically
  • In addition, JPEG, GIF, and so PNG are correct
  • TIFF warehouse
  • Also, Create an emergency directory

Image processing features:

  • Edit photos, add text, and so depart comments
  • Some vector
  • Zoom in and out to resize and so resize
  • Also, Enlarge the image
  • A mixture of balloons, symbols, and so alpha
  • See adaptation and so transition of the film
  • Upload and so add photos from your laptop and website

Other information On ScreenHunter Pro 7.0 Portable:

  • ScreenZoom and ScreenDraw
  • Wysiwyg Publishing
  • Flexible buttons
  • Choose in color
  • Invisible scaling
  • Install and so uninstall the Windows startup window
  • Change the command line

ScreenHunter Pro 7 Portable [Latest] Free Download

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