How-To Install Vinyl Cutter USB Port Driver Free Download


How-To Install Vinyl Cutter USB Port Driver Free Download now you can get from with direct download link fast speed high dedicated server and so get information here, How to Install Vinyl Cutter USB Port Driver from 2009 to 2013.

USB Port Setting, Install USB Driver

Our vinyl cutters are a USB-ready machine and support all the state-of-the-art Windows systems (from XP, Windows Vista to Windows 7 and so Windows 8, inclusive of both the 32 bit and 64-bit system). Please comply with this simple information to install USB drivers for our vinyl cutter.

Install USB port:

Attention: Before putting in this driver, don’t join the cutting plotter with the computer.

Insert Our USB Utility Disk (or CD) into your computer.

Find the under file on the Disk.

Double click on this file so that it opens. What is my yr model?

This Vinyl Cutter is best than others and so fast than others too.

v file v-smart file
for 2013 Model for windows For Windows

ftdi cdm drivers
Driver Filename: FTDI_CDM_Setup.exe
Or you can Download Driver here.
For Windows 8.1, Download Win8.1 Driver

mac vinyl For Apple Mac

dmg file FTDIUSBSerialDriver.dmg
Or you can Download Mac Driver here.

.. download driver for other platforms from Future Technology Devices

pl2303 drivers
Driver Filename: PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller.exe
Or you can Download Driver here.
for 2011,2012,2014 Model
ch314 driver file downlaod
Driver Filename: CH341SerSetup_EN.exe
If you lost your disk, click here to download this file.

Click NEXT. Now the driver program will install automatically.

Click NEXT. Now the driver application will install automatically.
In addition, Now join the cutting plotter’s USB cable with the USB port of the computer. The USB machine will be found as COM3 from Device Manager. It testifies that the computing device is connected to the laptop successfully.

How-To Install Vinyl Cutter USB Port Driver Free Download

If you desire to install the vinyl cutter as a printer, please quit here and so examine Install as Printer.

In addition, If your COM Port Number is above 10 include 10, you want to change it to Under 10, please take a look at the port setting as shown:

Open Device Manager beneath your computer Control Panel
Check the Properties of the Device Shown Above
All in all, Make certain the port settings are as same as proven above, or click Restore Defaults
In the “Advanced..” setting, make certain COM Port Number is Under 10, if NOT, change to Under 10 and so restart your computer.
For V-Series Vinyl Cutter
For V-Series 2013 Model, if you saw mysterious straight lines when cut, please take a look at if you have the correct driver installed.

Now follow these instructions to set up our vinyl cutter in your cutting plotter control/design software: You Can Also Download CorelDRAW 2022 Free for Lifetime

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