File Manager: Explore, Organize & Free-up Space 1.3 APK MOD


File Manager: Explore, Organize & Free-up Space 1.3 APK MOD free download is a very powerful and simple file browser for all Android devices. This file manager is fast, free, and full of features that are very easy to use. With this file browser and file organizer, you can easily manage a large number of files or folders on your device in a short time. This file storage cleaner helps clean up unnecessary or duplicate files and folders and creates more space for new files. File Explorer Manager assists you as an administrator or assistant, giving you a quick look at all the files sorted by category. Our file management program makes your life much easier by sorting and organizing all your saved or downloaded files.

If you do not like the problem of clearing the file storage or searching with the file browser, then the file browser is the best. With this file browser, no files will be hidden by you. This file management software searches all the files stored on your mobile phone. File Manager supports a number of features, including Search, Move, Delete, Share, Decompress, Rename, and more. In this file organizer, all files and folders are automatically sorted by file type, date, or size so you can find files without any problems. File Save Browser has many files like Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio Files, APK, and many more. This file organizer categorizes all my files so that they can easily find what they are looking for in our file browser.

Key Features of “File Manager: Describe, Organize and Free Space:

  • – With File Manager, all files can be managed easily and efficiently.
  • – This file organizer helps me organize my files by categories.
  • – File manager lets you access files such as photos, videos, documents, APKs, and recent files.
  • – Our file browser allows us to copy, rename, delete, transfer and decompress files in each category.
  • – With a file browser, files on the device can be searched through a computer.
  • – Easily search all files and folders on the device with File Browser.
  • – Easily transfer files from internal storage to external SD card with file storage probe.

This file manager acts as an APK manager to help you find the downloaded APK, as most of the time you will not be able to find the downloaded APK and then download it multiple times, therefore the phone memory is very high. Captured but now with the file manager, these problems don’t happen to anyone else, because the APK manager manages all the downloaded APK files that can be easily found and then easily deleted, shared, or renamed.

Download “File Manager: Search, Configure and Free Space” and get rid of the hassle of finding files on mobile phones. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our file management program, please email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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