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Edius Pro 8.53 Free Download 64 Bit

Edius Pro 8.53 Free Download 64 Bit


Here in this post, we share with you Edius Pro 8.53 Free Download 64 Bit compress file. Edius Pro 8.53 is the most famous video editing software.

Overview Of Edius Pro 8.53 Free Download 64 Bit

Edius Pro 8.5 software is nearly used all over the world for video editing or film mixing projects. Edius pro 8.5 in software program which you will get more beneficial features and equipment that are needed for video modifying projects. All in all, Edius software in you can without problems install third-party plugins to create beautiful video editing and film mixing projects.

The Edius Pro 8.5 Software in your can easily make it ideal for professional HD and 4k Wedding or Event video enhancing projects due to the fact Edius pro 8.5 is the modern version of grass valley corporation and in this version HD and 4k video is supported.

Edius Pro 8.5 Features:

  • Edius Pro 8.5: Supported Superior 4K/Ultra Studio 4K/HD.
  • The Edius Pro 8.5: Supported greater resolution 1024×768 32-bit in Direct3D 9 or later.
  • Also, Edius Pro 8.5: Supported Edit Media Files Diff Resolution From to 24×24/4K To 2K.
  • Edius Pro 8.5: Supported Large Quantity Image in ( JPG, PNG, TGA, DPX ) And so Others.
  • In addition, Edius Pro 8.5: Supported High-Quality Slow Motion.
  • Edius Pro 8.5: Supported High-Quality Resolution.

Edius Pro 8.5 Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit (Service Pack 1 or later) Windows 8/8.1/10 64-bit.
Memory RAM: 1 GB RAM Minimum Required.
4K projects Need: 8 GB or more RAM Required.
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB Space is Required For Installation.
Video Card Need: For Normal Project Minimum 512MB.
Also, Video Card Need: For Hd Project Minimum 1GB.
Video Card Need: For 4K Project Minimum 2GB.

Edius Pro 8.53 Free Download 64 Bit

Edius Version 8.5 is an offline software I imply you can easily install it without any network connection.

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