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Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download 32 bit / 64 bit - Safi Tech
System Utilities

Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download 32 bit / 64 bit


Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download 32 bit / 64 bit, Track Form, scrap, and POS and CRS software for computer stores and IT techs. Drink to the most unique and revolutionary form shop software available. No matter if you’re just starting out as a one-man army or as a whole computer, mobile, and mobile phone form shop. Ameliorate your form effectiveness which will ameliorate your profit by being more systematized.

Overview Of Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 32 bit / 64 bit

Fast ticket updates with canned dispatches

You write less with erected- in mimetic dispatches to speed up the generation of checks and reports.

full specification

form shadowing, point of trade, force, billing frequency, reports, and more

Integration: Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download 32 bit / 64 bit

Integration with Google timetable, Kashflow Accounting, LivedRive, and further to speed up your workflows

Dispatch to ticket updates
Dispatch from anywhere and your tickets are streamlined with your form notes

You enjoy your data!

Use your own original SQL Garçon database so you can produce your own custom reports and export your data whenever you want!

Click then to report-working links

Reporting link not working


Lots of erected-in reports from client address charts, fiscal reports, who are your stylish guests, and more!

form shadowing

Keep track of tickets, means, and periodical figures from a single interface.
snappily pierce new and old tickets. Color- enciphered to identify old tickets.
Filter your hunt by keywords, client names, and job information.
Automatic emails and SMS
CRS sends out automatic status updates by dispatch and SMS to insure your guests are always kept informed.

Full overview

From the main screen, you can see how numerous jobs you’ve reserved, pay waiting, movables and statistics.
snappily publish markers for any ticket without opening the ticket.
Quick access to the point of trade and all CRS units.
Integration with Google, Skype, and more.
CRS integrates with Google timetable, Google Charts, LiveRrive, Skype, Kashflow Accounting Package, and more.

erected- in Template Editor
It’s amazing to use the erected-in template editor to fully customize the look of your guests’ dispatch, published bills, checks,etc.

Why Choose Computer Repair Shop( CRS) Software

Your data is your data! Your client data is located on your computer, giving you complete control over how you use your private data!
Database hosted on your own network- it still works indeed when you do not have your internet!
CRS Free Edition for startups and new computer store possessors who want to get started with Emaviant Tired and Professional shadowing and tasting software at first! Using CRS will insure that you ameliorate your time, stay systematized and be successful.
Affordable yearly subscriptions designed for well-known shops and business possessors using CRS as a skip column for their businesses!
CRS is for computer refurbishment shops and technicians anyhow of whether you have a computer form and form business or work from home on your own.
– Job shadowing, point of trade, force, part order shadowing, quotations, and constitution each- by- one system is easy to use.
Designed by the proprietor of the computer store chain! We know what you want and we enjoy and operate our own chain of stores where CRS is the backbone of our successful business!
Reduce bugs and crimes, and speed up the check-in process to fix you. CRS is erected for simplicity and speed- that is just what all successful businesses bear!
Complete ticket tracking from the day the computer is checked to the day he leaves the factory!
stoner base all over the world. CRS works in all countries.
New features are driven by you! Want a new point, just ask!
client accounts

erected into the CRM system, make sure to capture important client data. Perfect for remarketing- a commodity all successful business possessors need to do every day!
Easy to export emails and client names in your spreadsheets, MailChimp, Facebook Advert Manager, etc.
Dispatch, SMS and call your guests using Skype or VoIP directly from CRS. All dispatches are logged to the loopback latterly.

selling point

An easy-to-use POS outstation, with direct access to the CRS database of tickets.
Full integration of Barcode Scanners, Thermal Printers, and Cash Till Tillett. for a professional POS system.
Simple and easy to use
End of the day reports

From shadowing: Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20.22147.1

Keep track of every form, from the moment it’s checked in CRS to the moment it leaves your store.
guests admit automatic updates by dispatch/ SMS on their formation process.
Customizable Templates
Check bills, checks, and service reports, it’s all grounded on completely customizable templates using simple HTML templates handed. Include#### markers in reports to automatically display data from the ticket. CRS is nearly ready to go with a little setup needed.

Extra corridor Tracking: Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20.22147.1

Easy part tracking for client form.
Know when corridors need to be ordered and when to order and return them to suppliers. full traceability.
See a list of all corridors that need to be ordered for repairs-quick and easy. When the corridor arrives, customize the part for client form in seconds!
He asks all applicable questions- no crimes and missing information- again!
When the form is reserved in them, it’s easy to forget to ask your client for data backup or stoner word. This won’t be with CRS! You’re asked to request specific information like this( and further).
noway forget to log fresh particulars similar as laptop power appendages, installation CDs, etc. All of this is tracked, and each of the particulars meant to automatically link them to the task is tracked – leaving your client happy that you know what you are doing and particulars are noway lost!
Everything is automatic!
Time is a plutocrat. So lower jotting time means further time to make plutocrat!
Hardware and Software Tests

tackle Tests- snappily include the passed and failed tests. This information is published in a report with the click of a button! It only takes many seconds to induce a comprehensive tackle test report
Software Tests- In a matter of seconds, you can produce a comprehensive report on everything you’ve done to service your customer’s computer. They’ll love the fact that you give them a substantiated report of all your work on multiple runners- they’ll suppose you spent hours writing it! In fact, it only took many seconds!
ready responses
Save time codifying the same information over and over with the Canned Responses installation. Throughout CRS, in areas that generally bear a lot of jotting( similar as work reports, tab notes, service notes, tackle and software tests, etc.) you can use mimetic dispatches designed to snappily add your information to the ticket with the click of a button. Your guests will suppose you spent hours writing their report when it was just many clicks down!

Asset operation

Keep track of your guests’ tackle configurations, zilch type and license keys, periodical figures, and bond information( date of purchase, bought from, date of trade etc.). This is ideal for maintaining detailed device specifications or ideal if you’re dealing with computers for bond shadowing.
checks and quotes
produce checks, dispatch, and print directly from the form ticket.
Inventory Management

CRS manages your force from an easy-to-use interface.
Your force can be used to form tickets for corridor, labor, and services and will be used in the point of trade app.
Allocate force from the shop bottom, shop apartments, and any other locales you’ve set up. Advanced stock operation.
Do you keep track of client license keys? License crucial director will allow you to allocate keys( similar to AV software, Office, etc.) to guests, reminding guests when they’re due for renewal. However, this can be added to force and tracked, If you keep license keys in bulk.

Keep track of your movables and events. movables can be added/ edited directly from the form ticket.
Google timetable sync from appointments.
Allocate calls to technicians/ workers
The types of movables can be calling generals, grazing in-store, phone calls, etc.
Sync with your smartphone( and technicians) and Gmail timetable if they are out of the way, they get instant updates.

Gmail sync

All in all, Keep up with your movables while you are on the road.
CRS timetable with Google timetable.
produce, edit, and cancel movables directly from CRS and this is transferred to your smartphone. Technicians show them client addresses, phone figures, ticket information,etc.
There’s no paperwork needed and it’s ideal if you’re listed while out on the road.
Tickets and client attachments

Add documents, prints, insurance reports, etc. to any ticket. They’re saved directly to the database which means that attachments can be viewed from any computer.
Attachments can also be attached to guests so that this information can be opened from any ticket for that client.
Internal hand dispatches

In addition, shoot dispatches internally between workers. When they log in, the announcement will display unlettered dispatches.
director druggies can shoot all druggies.
Perfect for meeting monuments, client questions, and job-related questions.
still, you can shoot a dispatch address to Tectionians directly from CRS, If a dispatch address is included.
erected- in client dispatches – All dispatches are saved to your ticket history so you know what was said, by whom, and when. Communicate directly to your client via SMS or dispatch.
Dispatch- shoot dispatch to your guests directly from CRS. The dispatch template displays your company details, opening hours, phone number, etc. along with your private communication. Dispatch status updates, dispatches, checks, quotations, and service reports directly to your guests.
SMS- SMS is completely integrated and allows you to keep your client informed of the forming process.

Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download 32 bit 64 bit

Statistics and reports

The homepage graphs show new tickets, completed tickets, public calls, etc. Switch defenses for a moment, history, this week, last week, this month, and last month.
moment, history, this week, last week, this month, last month, this time, last time’s stats and reports, and custom launch and end dates.
diurnal stats by dispatch/ SMS( coming soon) directly to you( ideal if you are hiring and you are not around to keep up with what is being checked or completed).
Advanced Reports- client reports( like who are your best-paying guests- make sure you give back to your stylish guests!), Ticket reports, Financial reports, and more.
Multi-user and multi. You May Also Get Premium 22.5 Portable Free Download

All in all, further than a store? Not a problem. CRS is multi-compatible.
CRS works with as numerous druggies as you need.
There’s no limit to the number of computers you can install CRS on.
The software works on any computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Database Of Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20

Also, CRS uses Microsoft SQL Garçon Standard or Express Edition for easy deployment of fresh stations. The database can be on- demesne or in the pall.
pall databases are also available directly from us allowing you to pierce CRS from anywhere in the world.
LiveDrive Online Provisory Integration
still, you can set up LiveDrive accounts directly from the software, If you’re a Saved Reseller.

API integration

Kashflow integrated with corridor ordering- no need to manually enter your purchases into your account software
integrated live drive
erected- in Google timetable
Release Notes

System conditions: Computer Repair Shop Software 2.20 Free Download

CRS works on Windows 8,8.1, 10,11
.NET Framework4.7.2 needed
SQL Garçon 2012 Express needed

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